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. >>> they are approaching the 580 interchange and also this morning traffic is doing well. getting word of a major bart delay also because of a maintenance vehicle stuck on the tracks we will have more coming up, let's go back to dave and pam. >>> two people were shot dead in vallejo and this started as a dispute between neighbors. we will have more on the suspected shooters military connections. >> reporter: we spoke to two neighbors who say the suspect and the victim knew each other. you can see a marine flag out in front and on the back of that driveway there are a number of bumper stickers on that car. they say this suspect is a marine, vietnam veteran being he lived in this home and when it comes to them they seem to get along. he was a long time resident and they know him well. >> reporter: what did you think of him? >> he seemed like a nice person, it seems like everybody likes him. >> reporter: police say what happened was a shooting and standoff. he walked across the street with a gun and the times herald reports the witness heard six to eight shots and there was a 45 minute standoff once poli
the high-rise and over to 101 and we have those bart problems and we have a reporter on the scene. let's go to dave and pam. >>> if you ride bart, you may possibly be late for work, for school or if you are heading for fso, all level savage -- alex savage has more on the delays, what is going on, alex? >> reporter: the problem was one of the those maintenance trucks became disabled and it is just south between mcarthur and 19th avenue. that truck has since been cleared and you can see that train go by at a normal clip so the situation has been cleared and the damage has been done. i want to show you video from early on this morning. the maintenance truck was cleared about 5:15 between the mcarthur and 19th street station. there are still residual delays. most of those delays impacted from richmond to san francisco and to bay point. out here this morning we have seen workers who are walking up and down the tracks and it seems they are looking to make sure everything is okay because the maintenance trucks became stalled on the track this morning. as we come back out here live, we can show yo
? >> they are. bart spokesman told me they are expecting to shatter weekend ridership records with so many events going on this weekend. what that means for you if you are heading out the stations will be packed with people, the trains will be packed as well. as people head out to the baseball games, big concerts 2349 city to prepare for the crowds bart will be adding extra cars. that will be starting later on this evening. during the weekend they will have every available train car in service. that is 600 of them. they will also add special event trains. bart will still be operating on its normal weekend schedule. the trains won't be running any more frequently. they will have cars on them. >> bart and city officials really have been meeting for months now. we know we have circled on our calendars. we have been making plans. we are fully prepared for the big weekend. we hope people will choose bart. >> meantime over in san francisco muni will also be adding extra trains and buses. especially to get people to and from the giants home playoff games on saturday and sunday. you can also expec
bart delays. there is a stalled maintenance vehicle on the tracks between macarthur station and 19th in oakland that is still there. trains are single tracking very slow system wide delays of an hour now for bart. if you are trying to get to san francisco, give yourself plenty of extra time. you may want to drive this morning. to add insult to injury, from the dublin pleasanton area at the 680 junction there's an accident blocking lane two, slowing traffic as i head from livermore we'll be following that. -- if you are headed out now, drive times from the altamont pass and also 880 towards the maze and your carquinez bridge to the maze commute. here's lisa with the forecast. >>> good morning. partly cloudy to cloudy skies around the bay. the onshore flow and clouds temperatures are mild to start -- at the coast near 60 sun not coming up for another hour by noontime, try to see a little sun upper 50s to low 60s by 4:00, onshore flow continues and we'll look for more cooling with temperatures dropping into the 50s around the bay, starting out with partly cloudy to mild conditions upper
by 6:00 this morning. big story now is huge bart delay major delay pushing close to an hour now san francisco-bound trains due to stalled train between macarthur and 19th street. that train is still on the tracks, very, very big delays from downtown oakland and fremont sfo and millbrae direction we will be watching your about commute as that will most definitely be picking up due to those delays. right now drive times leaving altamont pass highway 4 westbound and 80 east shore freeway into the macarthur maze. >>> sue hall caught a ball at the game yesterday. >> a foul ball, amazing. >> way to go. that -- next the industry on the rebound and thousands of jobs that are up for grabs. >>> protecting your children's online privacy. music giant that federal regulators say failed to do that and wait is going to cost. >>> move over amazon and voodoo taste are us wants to in-- toys "r" us wants to invite itself into your living room. >> reporter: record gas prices in california for this time of year pipeline closure and refinery problems sent prices up five cents in a day to an average of $4
it means for that community. >>> plus, making tracks down south. b.a.r.t.'s south bay extension is moving forward today. we are live at the groundbreaking. >>> and look at the clear beautiful skies. the temperatures, christina loren, tells us continue to go up and up. we'll have details coming up. you are watching nbc bay area. >>> good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> and i'm jon kelley. people don't usually celebrate the opening of a new pedestrian bridge. this is different. this stretches over where a toddler was killed. we have the latest with what is an emotional ribbon cutting. dami damian, you see this coming full circle. >> reporter: people ask why this wasn't built before the tragedy in 2005. dozens of people cut across the railroad tracks to go home or to the strip malls. here is what brought it out today. back in 2005, alexander agulair was crossing his baby sitter across the tracks and he was hit and killed. today, a pedestrian bridge will open across monterrey road near blossom hill road. in memory of the boy, the bridge will be known as xander's crossi
. >>> transportation agencies are gearing up for the busy weekend. and adding more services starting tonight. bart will have up to a dozen special events trained and longer hours to accommodate the crowds. there will be three times as many ferries as usual in and out of the city and muni is adding services and shuttles going straight to the giants game. >>> time now 5:02 overnight news two bart passengers robbed at gunpoint as they were stepping off a train. this happened at 11:30 last night at the coliseum bart station in the parking lot. now bart police say the victims were get into their cars when duosus -- two suspected gunmen walked up. they had canine police dogs with them. one of the suspects may have been bitten by the police dogs and taken to the hospital. the robbery victims were not hurt. >>> there is new information this morning about a san jose principal accused of not reporting allegations of sexual abuse by a teacher. the evergreen school district released notes showing a second grade student told the principal that a teacher blindfolded her and put something in her mouth. the princ
. in the meantime we're hitting the roads with gianna. >> thank you. we are getting first reports of some major bart delays. this is due to a maintenance vehicle stuck on the tracks happening at the oakland station in the fremont millbrae directions due to the disabled vehicle stuck on the tracks. no word when they will clear it. but again, this is going to be a very busy day for bart. we have a lot going on this weekend here in san francisco with america's cup, fleet week, the closures at howard and third so we'll keep you posted on this. the rest of mass transit is on time. ace, muni, caltrain, ferries, no delays. a busy day in san francisco. howard street remains closed at 3rd. so that's been a very congested area. again, bart is a very good alternate so hopefully things will get back on tract. we'll check the bridges in a few minutes. back to you. >>> flyball, center field, coco, ballgame, western division! >> with that, the oakland as shock the texas rangers and major league baseball as well as they won the american league west. quite a year for the as. they came from down four runs to beat th
of bart, people were enthusiastic and bond measures were passed, and three county sign in to the visionit was a three-hour trip to san francisco and now it is a 41-min. trip from dublin to montgomery street. one of the things that we need to do inside of san francisco it's some sort of either bart or muni line to the northwest part of san francisco. not many people are enthusiastic about packing up to a 38 bus. that's not a pleasant trip. rather than spending years and years and bus rapid transit, we need to develop a visionary plan and work with all of the agencies and get it done even if the case in a few more years, it is better to have something good. the central subway is a start. the downtown caltrain extension is another start. another thought that comes to mind is, i hope it is a reality by 2018, or whenever we hope to have the extension, using some of those lines also for shorter trains; it could serve places like -- visitation or brisbane, it could go down the peninsula, eventually down the state. we can learn from the past; ancestors used topography by boring tunnels un
>>> a stalled work vehicle triggers system-wide bart delays. i will tell you about the update we got from bart and how long it will take. >> we are learning more about a double fatal shooting. we will tell you what neighbors are telling us. >> i will eliminate all programs by this test, if they don't pass it, it is so critical today have to borrow from china. >> he is going to have a busy day. >> find out who came out the winner in the poll. >> police in one city could be on the brink of a drastic change. mornings on two begins right now. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning, welcome to mornings on 2, i am dave clark. >> i am tori campbell, thursday, october 4th. we begin with developing news on the morning commute. bart has been experiencing major system-wide delays to the past two hours. ktvu's alex savidge is live there with developments. >> reporter: good morning, yes, this was a stalled work vehicle that had triggered delays earlier on. but that problem has been taken care of. we did just get word from bart a couple
enforcement will be out in force. if you can't take bart, muni, caltrain or anything else, you don't drive, here's a simple tip. fill your gas tank! sounds like a big doh, but you would be surprised. >> traffic slows down, people start to idle. they are on the road for a little longer than they anticipated. just make sure you have a full tank of gas before you get started. >> reporter: you run out of gas on the road, you're stuck. tow trucks are going to get stuck in traffic, too. but just in case, there will be extra tow trucks out there this weekend. but fill your tank. in san francisco, mike sugerman, cbs 5. >>> all that traffic could put bart on track to break some records. ken bastida is live with mobile5 to show us how the transit agency is gearing up for the weekend. ken. >>> reporter: hi, liz. we're up here on the platform of the daly city bart station. 419,000 people rode bart yesterday. that is a record. you had the oracle people in town, the as game over in oakland. but they expect to blow that up record this weekend with all the people in town that mike has been talking about.
their certain invaded by up start outside out siders, andrew briet bart was an up start and. >> dishonor awards gala. cal was awarding the william f. buckley award prevented to andrew briet bart. the dishonor awards for the worst bias of the year. another columnist had the honor of awarding one of dishonors. >> this is point of privilege, we're doing a barbra streisand award for stupidity. i have an obsession with barbra streisand. it's not a healthy obsession. one of the reasons why when the l.a. times picked me up as a columnist. barbra streisand publicly cancelled her subscription in protest. in my career there are few higher watermarks than that. in all fairness, conservatives shouldn't be a pain in the ass to hollywood liberals but it's the fastest root to their brain. the award goes to baby hugo, sean penn. >> you have what i call get the "n" word out of the white house party. the tea party. there is a wig bubble coming out of their heads, can we just lynch him. >> rick: contenders of the worst reporter in the history of man were indicate can i couric, brian williams and dan rather. and w
more services starting tonight. bart will have up to dozen event trains and longer hours. there will be three times as many ferries as usual in and out of the city. and muni is adding services and shuttles going straight to the giants game. >>> playoff fever certainly hitting bay area baseball fans hard with both teams playing in the playoffs games this weekend. fans very excited. coming up at 4:45 we will take a look at how local businesses are benefiting from both the a's and giants wins. >>> new this morning two bart riders were robbed at gunpoint. that happened just about 11:30 last night at the coliseum bart station parking lot. they were getting into their cars when two suspected gunmen approached them. they reportedly took their cell phones and ran with the help of police dogs though bart police tracked the suspects to a nearby warehouse area. at least one of the suspects may have been bitten by the dog and taken to the hospital. the robbery victims were not hurt. >>> 4:32 is the time right now. a woman is in custody after leading sheriffs deputies on a wild chase
. >>> two bart passengers were robbed at gun point as they got a train in oakland. it happened at the colosseum part station parking lot. they were walking two cars when two gunmen demanded money. the suspects took off with their cell phones, bart officers used police dogs to attract the suspects to a warehouse area. one of the suspects may have been bit and was taken to the hospital, the robbery victims were not hurt. >>> time is 70:00 5, new information about a san jose principal accused of not reporting allegations of sexual abuse by a teacher. the evergreen school district showing notes saying a second grade teacher saying a teacher blindfolded her and put something in her mouth. the principal should have reported that to the police and to child protective services. that teacher allegedly molested another student three months later and was arrested. >>> this morning, learning the identities of the two men killed in a double shooting in vellejo, authorities say douglas collie and michael schoolly were could after a dispute with a neighbor. the shooting suspect and the victim
in brookly. >> this is all hands on event for bart to use fleet week expression. we'll have more train cars out there, more station agents, more train operators. everybody is working this weekend who can so we can get the bay area moving. >> reporter: bart could shatter its record for weekend ridership. >> driving will be a nightmare in san francisco this weekend. with baseball, fleet week and everything going on, bart will be it for me. >> reporter: if you get into a fender bender you can help officers by keeping roadways clear. >> if you are involved in a collision and you can safely make it to the shoulder, please do so. disabled vehicles are a big strain. >> reporter: one north bound lane will be shut down between ferry building and bay street and will be used as a bicycle lane and allow access for emergency vehicles. san francisco police will be out in full force while the navy's blue angels soar overhead saturday and sunday, parade of shifts kick off as part of fleet week. don't forget the bluegrass festival, 49ers taking on buffalo bill's and the parade in north beach. to top it off
the just to talk about it. so it's going to be a busy weekend. use mass transit if you can. bart ferries muni are all stepping up service. bart told us they have not seen such numbers since they shut the bay bridge down and the giants victory parade a huge record setting day for bart. bart had two of its top ten ridership days already this week and they expect the numbers to go through the roof this weekend. san francisco's mayor says they can handle all the crowds and we're good to go for this weekend. so hopefully, traffic-wise, this is the calm before the big storm happening this weekend. for the latest on traffic conditions on the roads let's go inside to gianna. >> thank you. should be a very fun weekend in san francisco. in fact, most of the bay area. so far, we are not seeing too much this friday morning as far as accidents go. however, the bay bridge is starting to get a bit busy. they haven't turned on the metering lights. looks like the busiest are those cash lanes. fastrak users are still cruising through so not too bad this morning
.. una familia pide justicia para un joven de 15 aÑos golpeado en una estacin de bart. take vo esta es la foto de trevor kennedy despus del asalto, segun su hermana.. el ataque ocurri en la estacin de sur hayward en julio.. un sujeto de 32 aÑos golpe al menor en la cara.. la hermana dice que la polica arrest al sospechoso, pero la fiscala lo acus de posesin de marijuana, pero de asalto. por eso, ahora empezaron una campaÑa en facebook de nombre 'justice for trevor.' jaime --- estudiantes y trabajadores del city college de san jose hoy aprendieron como combatir agresores dentro de sus aulas, como una manera de repeler ataques y salvar vidas.. ---angel ayllon nos dice de que se trata.... take pkg 0:01 0:22 1:00 1:32 take pkg como reaccionaria ud ante esta situacion... explosion esa misma preocupacin mantiene en vilo a las autoridades de san jos, quienes mediante simulacros trabajan incesantemente en aulas escolares para enseÑar a docentes y trabajadores a salvar sus vidas en caso de un confrontamie nto violento. 12.14 gilberto torres policia de san jose personas que lleguen a una escuela
will move to cincinnati. >>> this has been a big week for bart with two of its busiest days of all time occurring back-to-back. the 5th highest ridership ever occurred yesterday with 426,948, people hopping trains, you may remember the as were playing there, oracle opened world and america's cup yacht races were underway. >>> tuesday was the 6th busiest day with 419,755 riders. >>> early morning bart commuters had a rough ride though in the east bay this morning. around 4:45 a maintenance vehicle went off the tracks between macarthur and 19th street stations. that caused delays system wide. >> it goes with the territory. you know bart mainly is you know, clean, safe, efficient economical way to get to work, you are just going to have to understand sometimes there will be mechanical error. >> bart had all of it's trains back on time by 7:45 this morning. >> just a couple of days ago temperatures 90s to around 100 degrees but today completely different story. more fog to deal with this morning, some drizzle and cooler air. here is our live camera over san francisco bay, clouds but are beg
. in the meantime, let's go to gianna talking about major bart delays. >> and a couple of accidents on th freedoms. bart delays continuing from an earlier problem of a maintenance vehicle stuck on the tracks in oakland. everything is cleared but they are trying to get things back on time of . they are hoping to wrap things up by 6:00 but not the case so bart delays continue. give yourself an extra 20 minutes at least. these delays are systemwide right now. we'll continue to keep you updated on that. now, elsewhere we have an accident westbound 580 just as you approach the dublin interchange. it is blocking the right lane and you can see on our sensors here traffic is back up through the area. live look at conditions at tassajara. stop and go as you work your way westbound 580 approaching this accident there. also trouble spot along 80. an on-ramp is closed. i'll have details in a few minutes. right now, back to you guys. >> thank you. how about your oakland as? they came from down four runs to beat rangers 12-5 to win the american league west yesterday. in front of a sellout crowd the as swept tex
for a ceremony tomorrow -- will be on hand for the ceremony tomorrow for the bart extension to san jose. san jose congressman mike honda is expected to tend long with officials. bart and university of california at berkeley have teamed up to increase seismic safety on trains. new technology will allow bart trains to automatic slow down up to a minute before the ground starts shaking in an earthquake. they will slow down from 70 miles per hour to 26 miles per hour. >>> dozens of parents packed in to a library after the rest of a popular teacher. >> back here, it will heat up around here, the highest temperatures we have seen all year. i will have the details back here. dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding. erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... th
beaten by an older man at the south hayward bart station. the right side of his mouth is swollen he and a friend were walking at the station at midnight in july, a man in his 30s asked the boys to get him a cab, they refused, he began punching trevor. the d.a.'s office charged the man with possession, but not assault. >> i don't feel what this man is getting is justice. i told my brother i would do whatever it takes to make sure this man pays for his crimes. >> the family has created a facebook page to rally support for the teen. >>> this afternoon an elementary school principal charged with setting meth is due back in court. eric dean lewis made his first appearance monday police say he offered drugs to an undercover officer he met through an online site. at his home officers found meth, ghb and almost a dozen hidden cameras including one in a teddy bear. >>> sixth grade teacher at balance ban any middle school is set to be arranged today on lewd conduct charges. a meeting took place to discuss the arrest of sixth grade teacher james izumizaki. the 28-year-old is accused of having
del bart hacia san jose toma hoy otro paso importante... take vo jaime ---en el este de la bahia, una junta escolar toma importantes medidas para acabar con la aparente discriminacion hacia ciertos estudiantes... roll open blanca and cesar live jaime --el proyecto para extender el servicio de bart al sur de la baha tom hoy otro paso importante.. take vo estas son las vigas que se utilizarn para el inmenso proyecto de construccin que instalar las vias de los trenes desde fremont hasta san jos.. los trabajadores primero tendrn que ampliar el bulevar mission a seis lineas entre la carretera 880 y warm springs boulevard.. tambin tendrn que construir rampas de entrada y salida porque la avenida warren ser enrutada debajo de las vias del bart. este proyecto conjunto se realiza entre la ciudad de fremont, el condado de alameda, caltrans y el v-t-a. . el colegio comunitario ms grande de california va a cerrar dos de sus planteles para evitar una clausura total. take vo el san francisco city college cerrar su campus de castro y del parque presidio.. las clases sern reubicadas.. los directivos
near mosconey center. elsewhere bart, muni and ferries on time and good alternate for all major events fleet week, america's cup, lots of things going on, take mass transit this weekend. >>> no apologies for losing your voice a little, you see that if being at the coliseum? >> how is she going to sound during the playoffs? we are not going to hear her at all. >> we'll have to just watch her. >>> family pet targeted by thieves, next. the plea made by a 10-year-old girl and her family in the hope that they will see miko again. >>> famous passenger seen climbing out of a blue angels jet at sfo. >> we know that guy. >> >> reporter: in today's tech bites new facebook service aims to get your post seen by more, promote will move your selected post to the top of your friend's news feeds for a price the feature is expected to cost users around $7 a pop. amazon has a new e-reader. the kindle paper white features a built-in light similar to the glow light on the nook. it gets high marks. >> screen is nice, built-in light is nice, nice features you time to read and with x-ray i think amazon has c
it will be running extra buses and ferries. the bridge is expected to be jammed as well. bart will be running extra trains. good luck. it is going to be just as challenging to get to the blue angels than to fly those jets, not really many but it is going to be interesting. if you have a plan, you should be able to get here safely. just consider all of these different obstacles. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >>> san francisco is not the only city that has a lot going on this weekend. big events across the bay. saturday cal takes on ucla this is homecoming weekend for cal. stanford takes on arizona both are home games. saturday night, justin bieber will play at oracle arena in oakland. saturday and sunday, madonna at hp pavillion in san jose. ben affleck and bradley cooper are scheduled to appear at the mill valley film festival. millbrae will hold the 7th annual japanese festival. these are just a few of the events for more, go to >>> what is the potential for just jammed traffic in the city this weekend? >> i would say your odds are high. >>> it is going to be jammed. you can take bart t
arrancaron las obras de ampliacÓn del boulevard "mission" en fremont para dar espacio a las Íneas del bart.---de acuerdo con funcionarios del transporte en el condado de santa clara, esa arteria vial se ampliaÁ a 6 carriles.---tambÉn se construiÁn rampas de entrada y salida hacia el boulevard en la avenida "warren" y la calle "kato road", adeÁs de ponerse en efecto las Ías del bart. ---tras el esÁndalo de los agentes del servicio secreto ocurrido en colombia despues de llevar a unas prostitutas a las habitaciones del hotel donde se hospedaban, en el marco de la cumbre de las americas, la ex esposa de un militar nos cuenta que algo parecido acabó con su matrimonio. --"edwin pitti", nos tiene la historia... enseguida en noticias univision 14...--en venezuela se intensifica la contienda presidencial, dos personas murieron en una caravana electoral,--un error cometido en una farmacia casi cobra la vida de un niÑo. enterese por qué este tipo de confusiones son muy comunes. --y se avisora un incremento en el costo de la carne y otros productos de consumo diario. --le contamos a que se d
if an earthquake strikes. we'll explain the new warning system for b.a.r.t. >> reporter: i'm scott budman at facebook with a story many of us probably wish was around when we were applying to college. app developers working on a way to make the college process smoother. that's coming up. >>> and governor brown signs a bill protecting renters and their pets. >>> good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. the hot air continues to build across the bay area and the north bay really had some major warming numbers up about 10 degrees from yesterday. right now, 81 in santa rosa and 75 in napa. if you're already thinking about the san francisco giants game on friday, the fog is clearing out and low 60s. we'll have the full forecast coming up. >>> the last remnants of occupy san francisco are gone. police cleared away more than two dozen campers last night on mark street in front of the federal reserve building. the officers told them they were illegally lodging on the sidewalk, according to state law. and anyone who did not leave would be arrested. 20 people were arrested. if at first you don't succeed, try
in oakland. so it's making me exhausted just saying everything and that's not all. use mass transit. bart ferries muni are all ramping up service. if earlier this week was any indication of what we should expect, this weekend bart had two of their top ten ridership days yesterday and the day before. so just expecting it to be pretty crazy on saturday and sunday. by the way, san francisco's mayor says they have got these crowds handled so everyone should just chill out. probably easier said than done. for the latest on the events this weekend, go to our website, weekend. what's going on in traffic? >> it is very quiet. not a lot going on in fact mass transit problem-free a close eye on this today and throughout the weekend because it's going to be busy. bart with 39 trains on time now. ace, muni, caltrain, ferries, no delays. elsewhere if you are going to commute through the south bay so far, so good northbound 101 clocking in nice speeds. 280 through downtown san jose no delays. highway 17 clear this morning. here's a live look at conditions through milpitas. westbound 237, 880
92 overnight roadwork ramp to southbound 280 closed until 6 a.m. this morning. checking in with bart, muni, caltrain, all mass transit getting off to a good start, no delays. when you are out this weekend, might want to download the abc7 waze app there are a lot of events including critical mass at 6:00 this evening and howard street closure great way two get you around some of those delays, >>> today at 3:00 on katie, chelsea handler will talk about her talk show and what is next in her rising career. also check this out, the santa clara father and son responsible for the latest youtube sensation showing a toy train in space, a thomas the engine now viral with more than two million online hits, you won't want to miss it. catch katie today at 3:00 on abc7. train in space. >> local man makes big with his -- >> local man with local motive. >> very good. >>> big let down in the pacific northwest stanford's hopes for another undefeated regular season ends in washington. >> a's fall behind early. , and d crops. and that's "america's money." i'm sunny hostin. >>> just go
will still be paid. in just a few hours, a groundbreaking ceremony to extend bart to san jose. the focus will be on work to fremont. the project includes widening mission boulevard and enhancing the area for pedestrians. two bart bridges will be installed. work is due to be finished in 2015. >> all right. time now, 5:06. sal is back. did you make sure all the drivers had their morning coffee before they hit the road? >> just like i said yesterday, every day is national coffee day. yesterday was really national coffee day. >> get your coffee. i think things are doing pretty well if you're driving out there pretty soon, i think you're going to like what you see, but there's a little bit of fog. you may want to leave the house a few minutes early. the fog is getting better. as we've been watching this, we started at 4:30, the very first report on the air, we saw little of this commute. now we're seeing more of it. the fog may be lifting here. steve is going to be with me here in just a moment to talk about the fog. let's talk about the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is moving along nicely c
are good to go. no delays to speak of for ac transit bart or a string. >> it's going to be whatever we're talking about at work today when we get to work, school wherever you're going to be this will be on the lips of everybody. the as winning yesterday, taking the american league west championship title for the first time since '06 they needed to sweep the texas ringers and they did just that. oakland was down for a while 5- 1. they came roaring back in time to win it all 12-5 was the final score. fans incidentally celebrated late into the night last night. spoke to very excited fans about the post season future for their team. >> the celebration didn't end at o. d.o.t. coliseum hours after the final pitch, thousands packed the parking lot here down the street in oakland ecstatic over the victory. >> i've been waiting all my life for something like that, you know, watching it back in 2009 i was never at the game, but this time i was at the game and saw the whole celebration in maybe the last 3 days it's been remarkable. >> how far can they go. >> all the way, baby, we'll be here in oc
workers workers are making at least the city's minimum wage. >>> bart is trying something new to protect riders from earthquakes. we'll tell you about a new warning system installed and why it's the first of its kind here in the united states. >>> well, you should know that some 2,000 bicycle riders from around the world are expected to gather in san francisco tonight. they're marking the 20th 20th anniversary of the critical mass movement, the big bike ride take place of the last friday every month with hundreds of riders filling the streets of san francisco. critical mass riders say the popularity of bike riding has really grown in the last 20 years. >> i think we're going to see bicycles flooding the streets. it's going to be a much better city and more friendly and family friendly city. >> critical mass kicks off at 6:00 tonight. police say drivers, you should expect delays. >>> 4:36 is the time. hopefully no big delays. >> drivers should expect delays. >> steve and i have actually been stopped at an intersection watching a lot of bikes go by. >> you should try and take transit today
in fremont today to help break ground on the new bart extension to san jose. the transportation authority, federal officials and mike honda all dug the shovel of dirt. it's underway because the residents made it happen. >> we have -- like the leadership here. also we have the people who voted for the measures to be used to fund this project. >> part of the extension project includes widening mission boulevard to make way for future bart tracks. >> a south bay hospital has made a sizable donation to help prevent teen drug addiction. the hospital has given $150,000 to emq families first. the organization runs an addiction prevention mobile crisis program. this is the third year the hospital has donated to the program. > police departments joining in on a nationwide drug take back day tomorrow. the departments want people to bring in expired or unwanted medication you may have. you can take it to either police department or the parking lot that is right next to the main fire station. the event goes from ten until two. >> angry parents pushing for a veto tonight. the bill sitting on the
:00 news tonight. >>> the new b.a.r.t extension is one step closer to being reality. >> 1, 2, 3 ... >> south bay leaders gather inside fremont to break ground on the extension. part of the project included widening mission boulevard to make way for b.a.r.t tracks. it is a 16 mile extension to san jose and santa clara. >>> weeks after the much- anticipated iphone 5 one feature is getting a lot of negative attention. apple ceo apologized and advised users to go with another provider for one of the best. >> i got lost three times following the maps. >> this man came here to meet his sister at a walnut creek beauty salon. his iphone made even the down town area tough to find. >> not descriptive of where you are supposed to turn. i did not know where to turn. so, i kept missing off-ramps. >> reporter: apple maps comes with the new iphone 5 and downloaded to older models. it sparked comments including a tweet people who thought the world were flat were more accurate than apple maps. for example, this likeness is shown in the sea and new york city madison square garden is marked as a
employees can get there by bike, by muni, by bart. if you build this in north bay shore, you can't get your employees there to build out this kind of density. we're very much seeing this on the peninsula, where the office buildings that are located close to the caltrain are really distancing themselves from the other buildings on the peninsula in the northern part of the valley that aren't near the train. because that access to transit is so incredibly important. the other thing that i would point out is that while you are putting these kind of densities into this space, this is not back off this space for bank of america circa 1975, where these people are making $15,000, $20,000 a year. most of these jobs are high-paying engineering jobs. so you are putting a lot of people with high payroll into a relatively limited amount of space. and i think that that means that rent is less important. it's not irrelevant. but it's less important to these people and the willingness to pay rent to be in the right location and be able to retract and retain talent, being in the right location is critical.
protesters plan to gather at 3:00 at the richmond bart station they will rally in washington park 4:30 then to the refind at 5:00. >>> apple's iphone 5 out -- michigan company tested three dozen cell phones for toxic chemicals including lead, mercury hazardous flame retardants and others iphone 5 finished fifth, samsung galaxy s3 finished 9th. we have links to the study on >>> oracle's ceo ellison says he plans to turn hawaiian island he bought recently into an eco lab. he wants to experiment with more environmentally ways to live on lanai. he would like to see more electric cars on the island. he wants to increase fruit exports to japan and other markets. ellison bought a lot of lanai in june from billionaire david murdoch. the idea of more electric cars to get rid of regular cars. i think a lot of people don't want cars there, period. >> very true. >> next, how amtrak hopes to get you onboard by slashing fares. >> race against the clock to complete new western span of the bay bridge. >>> plus, important warning about supplements for weight loss and health. why the fe
plans that will not be a good route. bart extra trains for the events this weekend. golden gate ferry added another giant boat for the giants' playoff game many muni as extra buses. pardon my voice i'm still a little shakey from the a's game the other day. we'll be back with more in a bit. >>> a lot more on that coming up. if you are filling your gas this morning, bay area gas prices are leaping toward record levels. terry mcsweeney is live in menlo park with new numbers. >> reporter: they are saying we haven't seen nothing yet. take a look at prices here at this gas station in menlo park many you can see the $5.05 for self-serve regular. lower right hand corner, $5.79 full serve supreme. if you want go that route, you can. folks, it is not this bad everywhere else but it is heading this way. take a look at some prices average prices around the bay area you see oakland $4.52. compared to the good old days of $4.34, the price yesterday. san francisco about the same, san jose at $4.53. wow! look at drivers, you know what they are going to be saying. experts say they are blaming it on th
antisismica ha sido instalada en el sistema de transporte del bart... take vo cesar ---ademas, cientos de jovenes de preparatoria invaden una universidad del sur de la bahia... take sot --- ariel rodriguez ariel rodriguez dice: "las temperaturas aumentaron levemente esta tarde y aun se espera que aumenten mas.detalles mas adelante." cesar ---el sistema de tranporte bart, ya cuenta con un nuevo sistema de alerta temprana para temblores... take vo ---con la ayuda del laboratorio de sismologia de la universidad de uc berkeley, el sistema automaticamente detiene todos los trenes antes de que comience algun movimiento telurico.. ---el sistema recibe informacion de unas 200 estaciones sismicas instaladas en todo el norte de california, y este puede emitir senales electronicas que viajan mucho mas rapido que las ondas teluricas... stop open roll open cesar ---unos ciento cincuenta estudiantes de secundarias y preparatorias del condado de santa clara, take vo ---se congregaron hoy en la universidad estatal de san jose para participar de un evento donde se les hablo sobre la vida universitaria...
who was beaten at a b.a.r.t. station in july. just stein west says a man punched her brother in the face. this is a photo of trevor after he was hit. >> trevor sustained very, i would say, horrible injuries to his face. he had brausing, cuts, he was bleeding from his mouth. he had obviously been beaten by someone. >> reporter: she says police arrested the man and the alma immediate da district attorney's office later charged him with possession of marijuana but not for assault. >>> tonight, people in marin county are coming together to grieve the death of a 12-year-old girl who was killed in a car accident. she was hit by an suv near school yesterday. there's now a growing memorial at the crash site. ratliff was flown to oakland where she later died. the driver did stay at the scene and did cooperate with the police. police say they don't think drug or alcohol were a factor in this accident. >>> rarely has the opening of a new pedestrian bridge garnered so much interest and so many tears. it's called xander's way, a little boy killed by an amtrack train. it happened off of bl
to cut off velez phone service without a court order. that's what bart did during a protest against a police shooting back in august of 2011. the bill was a direct response to that decision. the governor said the measure could divert attention away from a true emergency. >>> the governor did sign new legislation that targets abuse by car dealers who sell older cars to people with bad credit. now they will have to provide warranties for at least 30 days and post a fair market value on the vehicles they are selling. governor brown vetoed a bill that limited the interest rates. he has eight bills left to sign or veto before tonight's deadline. >>> in vallejo, federal investigators are helping police with a fire they say was intentionally set to destroy the law offices of mayor ostby davis. it start the early yesterday morning in vallejo. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana has the details. >> reporter: the in said of mayor ostby davis's private law office is a burned-out shell of melted machines, singed walls and crime scene tape. police say this is a fire that is more than just suspici
divisions and may be too early to start talking about bay bridge or bart series, it would be a thrill. i am thrilled that the oakland a's, in record-breaking style come from 13 games back to win the division; i hope it will keep their team in open forever. the oakland a's have won four world series san francisco giants to date have only won one. they may need to have any facility perhaps baseball only, most teams have that in the country. perhaps that is something that can be worked out between the oakland a's and the city of oakland. a personal note, despite the fact that i have rather bright pink clothing, i am happy to announce that my son and daughter-in-law are expecting a boy in march; my granddaughter will have a little brother. finally more importantly, i did meet with project sponsor a couple of weeks ago in regards to 2830 toledo, i did have a chance to look at the plans and i'm happy to work with the dr requester and project sponsor to forge a compromise that will make it something that the commission can evaluate and find compromise. this will come back in november.
this weekend you want to take bart they are having extra trains golden gate ferry extra boat for giants game. muni has extra buses for all san francisco events. >>> take transit, if you are drying, you are going to pay. gas prices jumped overnight again. they are likely to go higher. terry mcsweeney joins usly from menlo park. >> reporter: anything you want over $5, unleaded, premium it doesn't matter. people behind me pulling out, as we head over to that sign, it tells the story. this is perhaps the most expensive place in menlo park. prices are heading this way. take a look at pictures as to why everyone price of gas in the bay area now somewhere around $4:55, up 20 cents from yesterday. experts say refinery fire in richmond, pipeline -- wholesale price has gone up a dollar a gallon. you and me paying here at the pump, retail wee only felt 30 cents of that we could be well into the fives, maybe some of these prices over six before it said and doneu. >> going to change anything you do any driving habits? >> unfortunately, for me because of work i don't have much of a choice. it will make us
agencies cutting off cellphone service. that is what bart did during a police shooting. the bill was a direct response to that decision. the governor says the measure could divert attention away from a true emergency. >>> the governor has signed new legislation that targets abuse by used car dealers who sell older cars to people with bad credit. now, they have will to provide warranties for 30 days and post a fair market value on the vehicles they are selling. there are still 108 bills for the governor to sign or veto before tonight's deadline. >> in vallejo, federal investigators are helping police with a fire they say was intentionally set to destroy the law offices of ozzie davis. it started early yesterday morning in vallejo. sergio quintana has the details. >> the inside of the mayor's offices is burned out shell of melted machines and crime scene tape. this is fire that is vicious. >> we expect it's arson and we characterizing as form of domestic terrorism. we have involved the f.b.i. >> we with able to get the first look inside as cleanup crews were sifting through the dam
revitalization and involved in the development of the better neighborhoods plan around the balboa park bart station and ocean avenue. i'm a board member of the, probably the only property in the station area that has any nongovernment attachments to it, which is the historic geneva [speaker not understood] and power house which we're seeking to restore and occupy as a cultural center and were discussed -- that role is discussed in the balboa area plan. currently i'm serving as acting director of the ocean avenue cbd which comes right down to the entrance to the station area. in summary, i have a good understanding of muni's needs at the station area, also an understanding of the community's interest and needs and of the issues and points raised in the city's balboa area plan. thank you. >> thank you. dan, if i could ask you one question? you're coming up here pretty humbly. i don't think there is anybody who knows balboa park and ocean avenue better than you do and your experience there. you have applied for four different seats. >>> right. >> of those four, which do you feel you best repre
's the best advice. bart, ferries, muni are stepping up service this weekend. by the way, we have learned that bart actually had two of their top 10 ridership days earlier this week and they only expect those numbers to soar continuing into saturday and sunday. so to get all the latest on information on how to avoid this traffic mess expected this weekend and all the events, go to our all right. so it should be a great weekend in the city. for the latest on traffic right now, if there is any, let's go to gianna inside the studio. >> reporter: good morning. thank you very much. you're right. there's not a lot going on this morning. it's "friday light" so we're off to a good start. live look at conditions at the golden gate bridge. an easy ride into san francisco. let's show you a map of minneapolis. everything is on time. -- let's show you a map of mass transit. everything is on time. hopefully things will be smooth today. it's going to be a busy traffic weekend. so bart, ace, muni, caltrain and your ferries looking good. leisuretown a minor trouble spot out of the right
is not friendly to small business owners. >>> today's work on the b.a.r.t. extension is being done at kato and warren avenue and fremont. the project is expected to enhance the area on widening mission boulevard. crews will be installing b.a.r.t. bridges and warren avenue. work is scheduled to be finished in early 2015. b.a.r.t. to san jose. >>> and we just had breaking news in san jose. what just happened sal? >> a fire in san jose here. it's a house fire reported on mulberry lane in san jose. now, this is in the willow glen area of san jose. the fire has gone to two alarms now. we're gonna get you more information. but if you do see smoke rising, that is exactly what's going on. we have a crew on the way to the house fire. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. there are no major problems if you are moving into suspect. the morning commute in oakland that does not look bad. the traffic is moving along pretty well here if you are driving into the oakland area. northbound 280 near highway 17. traffic is already being backed up out of downtown. 7:10. let's go to steve. >> a very, v
will still be paid. later this morning a groundbreaking ceremony is being held for the bart extension to san jose. today's work is being done near interat a time 880. that project is expected to enhance the area for cars by widening mission boulevard. crews will be installing two bart bridges over mission boulevard and work is scheduled to be finished in 2015. >>> time now 6:07. sal is working and knows all about the commute and highway 24, right? >> we're looking at. that westbound 24 still looks good between walnut creek and oakland. if you're driving on the oakland side, it's a nice drive down the 580. we're not expecting it to be friday light. we're expecting maybe an improvement over the last few days. if you look at the toll plaza, you can see a delay in some of those lanes. we're certainly hoping that -- well, we have a lighter than usual delay here today on this friday. at least i am. maybe you're not. northbound 280 traffic also looks pretty good getting up to daily city. let's go to steve. >>> thank you. a happy friday. yesterday some areas north bay, east bay really warmed up. sou
start outsiders, andrew bright bart was an up start and an outsider. >> rick: who is that? cal thomas at 25th anniversary at gala. he was awarding the william f. buckley award prevented to andrew bright bart. the other awards, dishonor awards handed out for the worst bias of the world. jonas goldberg had the honor of awarding one of dishonors. >> this is point of personal privilege we are doing the barbra streisand award for political stupidity. i have a mild obsession for barbra streisand. it's not a healthy obsession. one of the reasons why is when the l.a. times picked me up as columnist. barbra streisand cancelled her subscription to the l.a. times in protest. in my career there are very few high watermarks than that. look, in all fairness, conservatives shouldn't be such pains in the ass to hollywood liberals but the simple fact fastest rooted to their brain. the winner goes to baby higo, sean penn. >> he has what to get the "n" word out of the white house party. the tea party party. there is a big bubble coming out of their heads, can we just lynch him. >> competitors for the hi
drivers to get the ticket cleared. bart trains are being rerouted in pleasant hill. bart is trying to stop the water dripping from the concourse ceiling and in the gates in the winter months. it will be four weekends between now and the end of october. check with bart on how to get around the work. record number of riders are taking caltrans, so now it is adding six more train, starting on monday, there will be two brand-new trains and four others that were moth balled because of budget cuts are now being restored. caltrans is rearranging its schedule to give passengers greater flexibility and adds a silicon valley stop for 12 limited service trains. in june, caltrans averaged 50,000 week-day riders. critical mass events continued over the weekend in more than 300 city, celebrating two decades of pushing for cyclist rights. the celebration is not over yet. a fare farewell bike ride is set for tomorrow at 16th and valencia, going to ocean beach. no one was arrested after yesterday's massive ride through san francisco. thousands of cycling supporters took to the streets during the evening co
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